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What's New at Mache Custom Kicks

1/2015 - HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Mache Customs family and friends!!! 

Make this the year you start customizing!!! Purchase all your paints at the same place Mache does just click the Anglus Direct link below and you will find everything you need. Don't forget to tag us in your pictures so we can see your custom work!


12/2014 - We would like to officially announce that the Mache Customs brand is teaming up with Sole Treasure to bring you a custom furniture line geared towards sneaker lovers and collectors. Our first product from the line is our custom shoelace rack sold exclusively in our GOLD Holiday package at our online shop.

BeFunky IMG 1060.jpg


Stay tuned for a ton of new stuff coming in 2015 with Mache Custom Kicks as well as with our custom furniture partnership with Sole Treasure!!


10/2014 - Order custom footwear for the bride and groom, wedding party, parents of the bride and groom or just as a wedding gift to commemorate the special day! Go to the "request consultation" page to start the customizing process!

                                                       BeFunky keep-calm-it-s-wedding-season.jpg

5/16/14 - Don't forget to order your paint and start customizing!! #SupportSmallBusinesses

BeFunky Rough Draft Mache.jpg



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3/16/14 We've made some updates to our "Media" section, check it out!



A word from Mache

Thanks for dropping by the site! As the customs scene has grown there are a lot of customizers out there to choose from. I know it's a tough decision to pick one to make your special pair and I appreciate your decision to check me out! I have learned and evolved over the years! mache-sig Once you get a pair of my shoes in your hands you will see why I'm considered one of the best

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